Have you missed me?

Guess what? I'm getting married in 12 days!!!  I know this sounds crazy, but I've been a little busy.   It's been coming up quicker and quicker as time goes on, and now we're down to less than two weeks until the big day.  I am 100% ready to shut the phone off and check out for a week for our honeymoon and just relax.

So, between the final wedding prepping, the big day (Oct 16th!) and the honeymoon, I'll be out of knitting commission until the end of the month, and won't have a new pattern until the first or second Friday of November.

You're worried.  I know.  But, don't worry.  Just because I won't be working on anything new doesn't mean others aren't pumping out some amazing new projects, and you know I'll be checking them all out while I'm making favors and place cards and stuff.  In place of my own patterns for Free Pattern Friday, I'm going to post some other fab new things that I've seen and need to show someone.


Diamond Leaf Cowl  by Darlene Joyce- You know I love an easy cowl, and I love the easy lace look and this color is one of my favorites this season. 

Spatwarmers by Emma Lehman - I want something like this to be one of my next projects.  I wear my flats as long as I can in the winter, but I'm not going to lie, my ankles get cold.  Picture cute flats and skinny jeans.  Maybe fun buttons.  Love them.

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  1. Oh, i LOVE the spatwarmers! Hope to see more on them soon. And good luck for your upcoming nuptials.