First Post as a Mrs!

I'm married! What a weekend... between his family staying at our house for the weekend, finishing up all the prep work, and the actual 'getting married' detail, I'm exhausted! Thank goodness for the honeymoon next week, I'm ready to shut the phone off and just chill out for a week.  Well, I may have a few internet and texting withdrawals, but nothing a couple-margaritas-in-the-hot-tub-on-a-boat-to-Bermuda can't fix, right?  On the upside for YOU, I have a long train ride to the port and back, which will be filled with knitting.  I have three hats owed to some special little ladies in my life, and a cowl for my mom for her birthday in November ( Mom, if you're reading this, pretend you didn't see that last line.)

Speaking of crafts, I was about to renounce crafting altogether by the time the wedding got here.  Sure, at the time it sounds like a GREAT idea to make things for the reception.  And, with the internet being so in-your-face (Pinterest, anybody?) with great ideas, I started many projects that involved glue and dexterity.  Neither of which is fun after awhile.  But, everything of course came out gorgeous, and you know I'm going to flaunt it...

 Place cards and thumb print tree -

The good - Thumb print tree from Mom!  She's a fabulous artist, and I recruited her to do this part for me.  She painted an empty tree, and we gave the guests ink pads to put leaves on it and sharpees to sign their name.  Now, I just have to frame it. Love it!

The obnoxious - "I'll just glue on two little leaves, their name, and their table number"... way more annoying than it sounds.  75 guests means 150 leaves, 75 names, 75 table numbers... this is 300 tiny pieces to glue.  Not counting CUTTING OUT 150 LITTLE LEAVES BY HAND.  Why do I do this to myself?  There are stamps to cut out little leaves, why didn't I decide to do it that way?  Live and learn.  They came out cute though.

 Mr and Mrs Signs - These I liked, and were super easy.  They went on our chairs at the reception, and then were used for photo props later. 

Card box - I sort of bought the materials before I decided what I was going to do with it.  It came out alright,  but again, live and learn. Maybe.  I'll probably do the same thing again in a week, and have to improvise again.

Lastly, I'm counting my photography as a craft.  One of my bridesmaids is an AMAZING photographer, and I knew I'd have gorgeous photos.  If you're in the MA/RI/CT area, definitely check out for weddings, family photos, new babies... pets... parties... everything.  No lie, she's amazing.  This photo is one of my favorites she took, but check out a few more on her Facebook page.

Alright... I'm going to go make an amazing dinner for my Husband, and then it's back to the knitting for some new Free Pattern Fridays!  I'll see you the first Friday of November!

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