I need a little structure up in here.

It's only Tuesday.  How is this possible??  The week is crawling by.  But, I finished a project that I want to show off and am in LOVE with.  I might actually keep it for myself.  I listed it on Etsy already, but I'm kinda hoping it doesn't sell.  It started as just something to keep my hands busy at the laundromat (broken washer this weekend, and the new one doesn't get here until Saturday... in.con.ven.ient.), but after I blocked it out I realized it was pretty much amazing.  I knit it with alpaca blend, so it's super soft.  Also, I'm not usually much of a 'pink' person, but something about this shade isn't as offensive to me.  I actually want to wear it. 

I've also been trying to figure out this blogging thing, and decided I'm going to have a weekly Free Pattern Friday to post any new patterns I've come up with over the week.  I need a little structure here and there. 

If you want a little reminder that I posted something new on Fridays, or when a finished project I really love goes up on Etsy, click 'like' on the top right over there... see it? I promise, I won't post crap every day.  I'll save that for here.

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