Free Pattern Friday - Eyelet Cowl

Cowl pulled up to show eyelet pattern
Cowl on Etsy

Folded over once

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  1. Beautiful! thanks so much for the great pattern!


  2. Should there be a K between the YOs? Judging from the pics it looks like that is the case.

  3. Its deceiving, isnt it? It looks like a knit in between, but the stitch there is the k portion of the yarn over. Happy knitting!

  4. Have been struggling with this pattern for 2 days. Eeek. The YO twice is giving me a run for my money. I know how to do it, but when I knit the next row seems sloppy and stretched out. What am I doing wrong?

  5. Hmmm. Think of it as two separate knit stitches, that just happen to begin with the yarn in front. Is it sloppy and stretched out because you're ending up with one giant loop? Or, if you knit a smaller swatch and knit a few rows above it to give it some structure, maybe it would straighten it out? Each YO is a finished stitch in itself. By tomorrow afternoon I'll add a couple of pictures to help show this to the pattern, I know others have had trouble with it and I'm sure it's because I'm not great at explaining it. Good luck!

  6. This would be clearer if written out better. A yo is normally just putting the yarn over and not inserting needle etc etc after.

    If written in the same format as most other patterns it would read:

    K2, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, k1, ssk, k2. Repeat to end of row.

    This gives you your 10 st repeat.

    It's the different format that is causing people problems.

  7. Thank you! I'll fix this. I probably picked this up from other novice-knitters when I started knitting, bad habit. Thanks again ladies!

  8. Thanks so much!! Lovely pattern btw :-)