Calling all crafty bloggers!

I have some exciting news, and I need some help!  Within the next couple months, I will be launching a crafting website, based around tutorials, technical advice, and creative inspiration to share with each other.  More than just knitting, I will be linking to and promoting many other resources in print and on the web, highlighting amazing bloggers and showcasing their skills and techniques.

If anyone out there either blogs regularly about any crafting technique, mainly tutorial based rather than just 'see what i made!', I'd love to promote your blog with a short featured article, and then leave this in the archives for others to reference. 

If this is something you're interested in (self promotion, anyone??), please let me know!  I would like a short (3-5 paragraph-ish) article about whatever you do best.  Remember, I'm gearing this towards those who are looking to learn a new craft, so I would love your best advice, tips and tricks, and any recommendations for web or print reads to further learn the craft. If you've already got a blog post that you think would work, share it with me!  This is a great way to increase your blog hits and share your talents with the crafting community.

Any questions etc please contact me at, thanks!

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