So much coral wool yarn.

Instead of another cowl, I'm starting on some fingerless mittens.

Usually I get bored after the first one, but I think I've been pretty good lately about following through to finish projects, and mittens are pretty quick. I'm using the pretty coral color that the last cowl pattern I posted was, it was on clearance and i got a LOT.  I also made my cousin's daughter a sweater from it, I just need to tie in the ends of it (which I hate doing), and block it.

There's also a lot in my stash that I don't want (lots of acrylic stuff that I don't plan on using, mostly), does anyone know what to do with this? PIF on Etsy maybe? (UPDATE: Starting to PIF everything I don't want... take it!!)

Here's a picture of the felt fruit I started the other day:

It's a good start, I think, but I was working with black thread in the sewing machine, and running low on felt.  I think next week I'll make some finished products and post them.  Banana, apple, and bread. I'm not sure about the bread, that needs some work I think.  I made some play money, also, and will post that too.  I always forget how instant gratification the sewing machine can be, it was so quick to make things after I had templates cut out. What other suggestions do you have for felt projects?

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