I need something pretty.

I need some inspiration.  I've got a stash of boring yarns, mostly things from major craft stores, nothing interesting.  My fiancee did some computer work for a yarn distributer last year, and brought me home about $600 worth of GORGEOUS hand painted wool (how amazingly lucky am I?). And I love it. But there are 4 colors and they're all in the same weight, and I need a break from just using those.

Inspiration is a good reason I started blogging.  I've taken a lot of inspiration from other people's blogs, hoping to produce things as gorgeous and well made as theirs look.  So, in turn, I'm hoping to inspire some other fellow crafters out there.  I've been posting patterns on Ravelry lately, and when someone posted a finished object that I had written the pattern for, it was amazing.  Someone interpreted my work into something that they could have and enjoy.  What a great feeling!

But, Omg... there are a lot of blogs out there.  So easy to get lost in the sea of  self expression.  One for everything, apparently.  There are clearly knitting blogs, but there are also dark blogs, fashion blogs, fitness blogs, pet blogs, fat and proud blogs, book blogs, celebrity blogs, parenting blogs... it goes on and on.

Hopefully, I'll end up with something that people actually find interesting.  I hope I can provide something to our so oversaturated internet that people can learn a technique from, or at least get a little laugh at my rambling.

That being said, my dog is begging me to play, whining that I'm on the computer and now entertaining him.  Clearly smarter than I am, why look for inspiration on the computer when I can go out into the real world this afternoon?

Willy is the tan guy, and the top picture is him begging for me to do anything but sit on the couch.  Ruby is the brown and white, who clearly makes a great pillow.  Nothing naughty about that pose, he was just lounging, and she was in his way of the sun.

I'll be back with hopefully a head full of ideas and a bag full of new yarn!

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