I love my ungrateful little puppies.

Why is it that every time I discuss my knitting and my dogs within 5 minutes of each other, people assume I knit things for my dogs?  If you know me, you know that I have no interest in dressing my animals.  They also have no interest in being dressed.  When Ruby was a few months old, she had mange, and we had to put a cream on it.  To keep her from licking the cream off, we put a shirt on her.  The shirt lasted until we turned our backs for more than a second, and it was off and hidden somewhere as if the 'clothes on a dog' incident had never happened. I barely like to knit for other PEOPLE, let alone my ungrateful little puppies.  I love them, I do. But for some reason they don't grasp the work that goes into crafting.

These are my dogs.  They're playing, I promise.  Just a good action photo.  But best of luck getting sweaters on them.

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