Scarves Are Like Drugs.

So, I've been in a rut.  Knitting scarves is soooo easy. And portable (patterns are so easy to memorize!). And quick. But just how many does one person need to make? I've been working on adding things to my Etsy shop, but who is really going to buy a wool scarf in the summer? So, my rationalization is that I'm stocking up for fall. Yeah... I'm not knitting scarves because they're easy, it's a business decision... mmhmm.

But, the problem with adding wool scarves to my shop in June, is that no one cares.  Yeah, that's what I want to look at when it's 86 degrees and sweaty, winter accessories! They're like a drug - even though it seems like a great idea to get away from them, and I know I'll be better off spending my time on other things, I just can't help but think about starting on another.

So I got a little bummed yesterday that I didn't really feel like I was doing anything worthwhile.  I'd love for my crafting to be a part time job for me, and in the winter it was really picking up, but then when summer started it pretty much died.  But things work themselves out, right? After being mopey all afternoon, out of nowhere a friend made a couple suggestions for me on FaceBook for crafts that are not scarves.  Barefoot sandals, and children's play fruit made of felt.  Such good ideas!

So, I'm giving myself a challenge. Until the end of July, no winter accessories! Funny, how after I took those out of my options for new projects, I think of a million things I could make for summertime.  I think I need a trip to the craft store today to stock my summer crafts stash :)

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